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Solar Invest is our grid tied photovoltaic system that is intended to reduce the power consumption from the utility network. The owner of the property will benefit from owning a solar system by generating own use power and consuming it locally, thereby reducing the usage from the municipality connection.

Solar Invest 100kWp

R1 450 000,00Price
  • What are the important things to know about this investment?

    • This is not a backup system and is not intended to replace diesel generators. In the event of a network failure, the solar system will also shut down.

    • The owner enters into an agreement with the local utility that a network connection will be made and that power will be generated for own use. No access feedback into the network will be allowed unless approved by the utility network.

    • The system can be expanded in future should it be needed.

    • This is the most cost-effective way of utilizing solar power and could be seen as a first phase in a larger plan towards being completely independent of the local network.

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