Your business runs during the day, while the sun is shining. You could be powering your enterprise with solar power during that time, and save money on your electricity bill.


Our Solar Invest package is a smart investment with very high return on investment and short payback.


The cost of generating your own solar power can be lower than buying electricity from the grid from day one.

Best fit customer:

  • Daytime electricity users can generate their own electricity for less than buying it from the grid.




Productivity can never be compromised even if an unreliable grid is experienced.

Our Solar Assure system allow your business or new development to continue even when grid reliability or expandability lets your down.


Best fit customer:

  • Grid connected users who are vulnerable to Power Failures or Voltage drops

  • Perfect solution if limited supply-power bottleneck a new development or business expansion.


Expensive Grid connectivity to remote locations can prevent business expantion.


It is often cheaper to install an independent solar power system than to build all of the infrastructure needed to connect to the grid, and a solar energy system will not come with a levy and a monthly bill.


We can design your Solar Independent System to fully and efficiently supply your energy requirements.  To be truly independent from the grid means your system will last its full design life.

Best fit customer:


  • Energise your business or farm where grid power is not available or high connection fees apply.