A customised design offers you the perfect combination of performance, durability and reliability. Only then can a Photovoltaic Solar System ensure a long term investment, with potentially massive returns.


To maximise your cost savings, and eventually, your profits, from solar power, it’s essential that your system makes use of the best quality components and engineering; never compromising on the highest output possible.

Solar Engineering offers you comprehensive solutions in terms most relevant to you: your return on investment.


We provide you with turnkey Photovoltaic Solar and other renewable energy solutions for a wide range of business sectors including Commerical, Agricultural, Guest-houses, Retail, and much more.

Our solutions are tailor made to your business: we work closely with you to determine your needs and design a system that suits them exactly.


Our designs are in-depth, including precise customization. We work closely and carefully with your business to create designs which suit your needs while maximising your cost savings at the same time.

 • We installed the first commercial solar system in 2013 and every one of our batteries, inverters and solar modules are still working. 
 • A professional design can result in over 15% more yield
 • Extremely accurate financial payback model
 • Products chosen are site specific from wide range of manufacturers
 • Professional registered & qualified engineering team
 • Engineers with wide background of experience
 • Future proof design to allow expansion
 • Design and installation to electrical codes